Marcia Cross in kinky quickie on a couch

September 16th, 2016 by J

Looks like Marcia Cross isn’t gonna settle for just her twin daughters and wanted a son too. Teasing her lover for a hot quickie to pretend giving her a baby is probably one of the things she’d do too in her role as Bree Van de Kamp in the TV series Desperate Housewives. We know how far she’d go just to keep her man and her perfect family intact, right? And here she is giving a nice blowjob, riding a hard cock, while playing with her fine tits until she makes this horny dude cum inside her. If we hear of news about her being pregnant again, we now know who planted it in there.

Horny Marcia rides a hard dick on the couch

Marcia Cross gets her ass fingered and fucked

April 21st, 2016 by J

Sultry Marcia Cross enjoying hardcore anal sex with lover

Marcia Cross was a skanky redhead chick when she was younger. She enjoys sex with older men and likes her tight bunghole stretched with their fingers and huge cock. You should thank the universe for this hardcore anal sex video of hers that leaked recently because it’s a window to her inner slut like you’ve never seen before. Watch her take that dick in her ass and see how she clearly enjoys getting sprayed on on her holes! She says she still enjoys anal and uses more options for pleasure when doing it with her husband.

Red Hot Redhead

June 17th, 2010 by mars

marcia cross boobs

Marcia Cross is the resident ginger of Wisteria Lane in the hit television series Desperate Housewives. In the series, she plays Bree Van De Camp, the über-perfectionist suburban homemaker with obssesive-compulsive disorder. I don’t know how she does it, but Marcia Cross makes being a neat-freak come off as sexy.

marcia cross naked

Make no mistake about it- Marcia Cross is a MILF!  Aside from having a hot body, Marcia also has an extensive body of work in theater, television and film. She’s a former Melrose Place hottie; and she got her training in the Julliard School in New York.  This alluring vixen, whose fire-red mane seems to send the screen ablaze, always manages to exude a very sensuous and sexual presence.

marcia cross nude

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Hardcore Marcia Cross Action

August 18th, 2008 by mars

Finally, something really juicy to get all us horny Marcia Cross fans out there really hot and bothered AND satisfied at the end!  It’s our favorite redheaded housewife, and she’s got her carnal groove on, riding some guy’s big cock for some orgasmic anal fucking!  We knew Marcia had it in her, because she’s such a hot MILF, and after just giving birth, she’s looking for more of that pussy pleasure that got her pregnant in the first place.  That doesn’t look like her husband under her though, even though we can’t see his face.  It just doesn’t look like a 50-year old pair of cock and balls to us, but hey, maybe he’s in great shape for a stockbroker.  Marcia is obviously enjoying herself though, and that’s what’s important to us, because that means there’s more chances of seeing nasty, dirty action like this in the future!

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Marcia Cross Showing It All In Some Fishnet Bodystockings

August 18th, 2008 by mars

Finally, we get a view of Marcia Cross’ tits and pussy at the same time, even though her tits are actually covered up by the fishnet bodystocking she’s got on.  That’s okay, we can still see that they’re full and luscious, so she’s probably had a boob job done since her last naughty pictorial.  But what’s really hot here is the open crotch configuration of that bodystocking she’s got on.  I mean, that is just so sexy, having her pussy out in the open like that, and with red high heels on too!  We’ve been saying it all along — that’s why we love these MILFs — they really know how to turn a guy on and they make the effort to go that extra mile just to please them.  Where a younger tart would just be plain ol’ naked, Marcia Cross is sizzling kinky-hot!

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Marcia Cross In A Naughty Striptease

August 18th, 2008 by mars

Didn’t we say that Marcia Cross knows how to tease?  Well check out these series of photos for even more proof on her enticing erotic skills.  She starts out with some satin underthings on, and then progressively begins to lose some items of clothing until we see her on the carpet of whatever cheap motel room this was shot in, with her legs spread, but ah — she’s covering up her pussy this time with a strategically-placed cloth of some kind.  Well, at least we can see her boobies this time, and they’re all-natural and a little droopy, but still yummy MILF boobies nonetheless.  It’s always good to enjoy natural boobies, because she can always have them done later on anyway.  Still, booking herself into a place like this to take dirty photos is just so kinky, and we love it when our favorite Desperate Housewife gets that way!

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Marcia Cross Demurely Shows Off Her Pussy

August 18th, 2008 by mars

Marcia Cross is flashing her slit here in this pic, but she’s doing it so nonchalantly, you’d think she was just presenting a freshly-baked pie or something like that.  Well, I guess poontang pie does qualify for that, but it just leaves us salivating for more.  She’s all dressed up, as you can see, with a thick sweater on, and somehow that makes the sight of her bare, smooth pussy all the more enticing.  This has got to be one of the naughtiest things a classy woman like her can do, and it only whets the appetite for more of her.  Well, I bet she did that on purpose, because an experienced MILF like her knows how to tease and bring a man to the brink of overflowing lust before she really shows the goods…

Those goods are on display at this site though, so if you go click on that link, you’ll see all the luscious things that Marcia Cross was just hinting at in this photo!